Gentility mocked by the church

quote-canvas-art_15483-2“Keep in mind that when public figures get in trouble for something they said, it is usually not because they misspoke, but because they accidentally told the truth.”

–David Carr, New York Times writer

Just when you think you are making progress to get people to see things from a different perspective, your faith in people’s fair play, decency and altruism is tested…and disappointed. After I (and other people) complained about the Anti-Semitic tone of the sermon title on the billboard facing out onto a busy intersection in front of Berean Baptist Church in Rohnert Park, the title, “Justice Mocked by the Jews,” was changed to “Fundamentals of the Faith.” I’m so very sad to say, the antagonistic sermon title has returned for part 2 of this sermon scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 15. Continue reading