Currently, Joelle Burnette has four books published and more works published in anthologies. Magic Peas and Two Front Teeth and more books are on their way.


snowflakesfrontcover_th_joelleburnette_1-1-2017Snowflakes: A Coloring Book for Adults
Print: $10.99


Play in the snow and color your own winter wonderland in Snowflakes, Joelle Burnette’s second coloring book for adults.

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Hearts: The Adult Coloring Book of Love's JourneyHearts: The Coloring Book of Love’s Journey
Print: $14.99

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Lose yourself in the perfect blend of romance, poetry, and relaxation in Hearts: The Adult Coloring Book of Love’s Journey.

Single-Sided Designs are Top-Bound: Convenient for left- or right-handed coloring
Each top-bound, single-sided design in this beautiful book reveals the many moods and passions of love.

Over 50 Full-Page Scenes of Varying Skill Levels
Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, enjoy coloring more than 50 full-page designs from the author’s pen drawings. Whether you are new to coloring books or have been doing them for a while, this book provides you with hours of an enjoyable stress-relieving activity.

Poems and writing prompts accompany the designs to unleash your creative spirit as you bring the scenes to colorful life. Special color swatch pages in the back of the book provide ample space for testing your pencils and pens while providing easy access to finding your favorite colors.


Cancer Time BombCancer Time Bomb
Print: $14.99, E-book: $9.99



After finding out she tested positive for the BRCA genetic mutation, Cancer Time Bomb is Joelle Burnette’s non-fiction narrative about her prophylactic journey to becoming a “previvor” and free from breast and ovarian cancers.

Balancing a serious subject with sarcasm and humor, this powerful story chronicles Joelle’s 3-year odyssey as she justifies slicing away healthy parts of her body that have high odds of producing cancer. While pressured by surgeons and family to take drastic measures that would remove cancer’s potential threat, she offers insight into what it feels like to face these significant decisions while not having cancer, and knowing there’s Cancer Time Bombthat minuscule chance the disease may never strike. Offering raw honesty, she reveals the darker side of choosing TRAM Flap reconstruction after a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. She details the challenging, long recovery as she comes to terms with her choices and their impact on her as a daughter, woman, mother and wife.

Breast cancer had already impacted or taken the lives of several family members. Moreover, it was supposed to kill Joelle’s sister in 1994, according to the doctors. Regardless, 32-year-old Michelle suffered through powerful chemotherapy treatments and a painful bone marrow transplant to beat the odds and become a survivor. Thereafter, doctors had told the family, Michelle likely would die if she ever got cancer again. When she was diagnosed and survived a second breast cancer more than a decade later, Michelle’s cancer triggered a series of events leading to Joelle’s own battle to remain cancer-free.

Michelle fought cancer again while the health of these sisters’ father deteriorated after years of diabetes. All the while, caring for everyone was Joelle’s mother, Arlene, who played the strongest supportive role. Arlene remained by her daughter’s side while Joelle carried out the proactive steps to avoid cancer and stay alive for her two young children. And nobody dies in the end!

BOOK BONUS: The author’s tips on how to prepare for a TRAM Flap procedure. Find out what you may need to get set up before your surgery, items to have handy in the hospital, and what to have ready when you return home after your hospital stay.

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Freedom Doesn't Just Come Along With A Tree (paperback)Freedom Doesn’t Just Come Along with a Tree
Expanded Paperback edition: $9.99
E-book: $4.99

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Taken from the author’s life and her children’s experience in school, Freedom Doesn’t Just Come Along With A Tree is about a young boy who is the only Jewish child in a classroom adorned with holiday decorations focused on Christmas.

Much to the excitement of his teacher, the boy’s mother will bring to the classroom all the fixings for a Hanukkah party. She will offer a fun way for the children to learn about the Jewish holiday and diversity.

The mother brings stories, menorahs, dreidels, Hanukkah gelt (chocolate coins) and music. She even cooks fresh latkes (potato pancakes) for all the children to try so they get a real taste of a Jewish family’s Hanukkah tradition.

In this holiday poem that starts as a twist on the classic “Night Before Christmas” poem, the mother is proud of her son who becomes the catalyst for tolerance and change. Through his youthful innocence, he inadvertently teaches his classmates about diversity, how it feels to be singled out, and what it means to have your rights taken away. The boy’s Freedom Doesn't Just Come Along With A Treeclassmates learn there are more religions than their own, as well as a diversity of holiday celebrations; each deserving of respect.

Book Bonus: The author’s delicious latke recipe is included at the back of this book so you can enjoy your own tasty Hanukkah latkes at home or at your child’s school.

  • Expanded full-color illustrations
  • Age-appropriate Hanukkah projects
  • Curriculum ideas that teach tolerance and diversity to fourth- and fifth-grade students
  • “Good deed” holiday projects to teach about tzedakah and being a mensch (a good person)
  • Instructions for the classic dreidel game, plus several fun variations that teach math

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COVER-FINALSonoma: Stories of a Region and its People
Print edition: $12


Read Joelle’s story, “Fred Wiseman: The Birdman of Sonoma County” published in Sonoma: Stories of a Region and its People. Stories in this anthology were included based on a blind judging.

Delight yourself in this intriguing mix of stories from Sonoma County, California. Take in glimpses of little-known history: the Sebastopol temple that became a touchstone for the Japanese community here before and after World War II; the pioneering women’s rights advocate who fought the forced retirement at age 32 of airline stewardesses; the county’s lone lesbian bar in the early 1980s; and the daring race car driver and aviator who made the nation’s first airmail flight here in 1911. This anthology from award-winning local writers includes nearly 50 works of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Each piece is set in a wondrous land of rugged coastline, river valleys, hillside vineyards, and redwood forests. And each tells a distinctly Sonoma story: the crestfallen young grape grower who learned his land wasn’t right for the “King” of the vines; author Jack London’s dream to develop a new kind of farming operation in the Valley of the Moon; and the Santa Rosa ice skating rink where early morning practitioners could routinely catch a glimpse of “Peanuts” comic strip creator Charles Schulz.

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untold-stories-anthology-coverUntold Stories: From the Deep Part of the Well
Print edition: $12


Read Joelle’s story, “Hide and Seek” published in Untold Stories: From the Deep Part of the Well. Stories in this anthology were included based on a blind judging.

Untold Stories: From the Deep Part of the Well is a collection of 81 stories, memoirs, and poems from members of Redwood Writers, Redwood Branch of the California Writers Club. The stories and poems in this collection reflect the diverse experiences and rich imaginations of the Redwood Writers. In the collections, there are stories of life, death, love, and betrayal. Humorous stories and tales of murder. Personal memories of the 1960s and 1970s. There are accounts of “Bird Watching in Ecuador” and being “Down and Dirty on the Mekong River.” In this exciting new collection, you will rediscover California, and grieve over the loss of a child, spouse, or lover. You will read about the “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Blackberries” and the comfort of “Mint Tea.” You will read stories set in Asia, South America, the Middle East, a ghetto in Cleveland, a Delta forest in the Deep South, and in the cold of space. These are powerful stories and poems that illuminate the deepest parts of the well of human experience.

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2016-poetry-anthology-coverStolen Light
Print edition: $12


Read Joelle’s poem, “Dark Thoughts” published in Stolen Light. Poems in this anthology were included based on a blind judging.
Inspired by a scene in the movie, “Wristcutters: A Love Story,” Joelle wrote the poem while watching the dark-comedy romance.

“Stolen Light,” the title of Warren Bellows’ painting provided the title for this collection of poems by Redwood Writers, each representing a moment of light, of truth, of awareness, of all those small events that make up our individual ways of recording our days. The poets who have shared their own stolen lights have preserved in language those moments—of love, of loss, of the everyday events that we keep alive through poetry. These poems reach out to the broader community and require only that you read with open minds and open hearts, as you might read in the middle of a redwood grove, with slanted light piercing the darkness and letting our poems illuminate moments in your own life.

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Preview Joelle Burnette’s new children’s book expected to be soon:

Magic Peas and Two Front Teeth Cover

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