More Exciting News!

My feature-length script “Vincent’s Muse” is a quarterfinalist in the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards!!

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Exciting News!

My feature-length script “Vincent’s Muse” is a quarterfinalist in the Cinequest Film Festival!!





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Watch the book trailer for Cancer Time Bomb,
a story that travels beyond the borders of any city.
Everyone has the BRCA gene,
but if it is mutated, it can change your life…

Cancer Time Bomb

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Purchase paperback at Amazon“Cancer Time Bomb is anything but depressing…the book offers an intimate, messy and at times hilarious family portrait.”
– J Weekly
San Francisco

Cancer Time Bomb is just as frank as its title implies, and though the specific subject matter is the BRCA gene and Burnette’s resultant oophorectomy and masectomy, the themes of anxiety, courage and family are universal.”
– Gabe Meline
Bohemian, Marin/Sonoma/Napa counties, CA

“A brave story.”
– Michelle Marques
KSRO, Santa Rosa

“No matter how angry, bitter, profane, hopeful and crazy-brave her book reveals the (author) to be, Burnette never reneges on her promise to tell the truth…”
– Press Democrat
Santa Rosa, CA

“It’s compelling”
– Henry Tenenbaum
KRON-TV, San Francisco

“This book is hilarious, sad, terrifying, and completely informative. I learned more about breast cancer, treatments, and basically what it’s like from this one book than I have from anything else.”
– Sara Strand, book reviewer
Sara’s Organized Chaos

Amazon Readers:
“…you won’t know whether to laugh, cry, or be angry. I could not put this book down.”

“The book was a gift.”


Freedom Doesn't Just Come Along With A Tree (paperback)

Told from a boy’s perspective, this holiday poem teaches tolerance and diversity.
Plenty of book extras:
Latke recipe, class projects, good-deed ideas, and more features.

“The importance of understanding different beliefs is beautifully conveyed in this story…”
– Amazon Review

“Her intention isn’t to impose Jewish beliefs but to promote awareness and diversity of the holiday celebrations.”
– Press Democrat
Santa Rosa, CA

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