Amazon goes to the dark side

Can you find what’s wrong with this image? A moment ago, I went to Amazon to find a book recommended to me, and this was the first thing I see on the home page.
“Whoa,” I said as I felt like I was pushed back from my computer. “That’s just wrong.”Amazon home pg 11-20-15

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Journalists stunned by ’60 Minutes’ reporter’s death

Bob Simon

“He was a warrior-poet who loved life and loved people.”
–Anderson Cooper

It’s only Wednesday, and already, it has been an especially rough week for news, and for those who report the news: Continue reading

Peace of mind


Kayla Mueller

Kayla Mueller

Peace is not something you wish for.
It’s something you make.
It’s something you do.
It’s something you are.
And it’s something you give away.

−Kayla Mueller,
American humanitarian aid worker
held hostage and reportedly killed by ISIS