Amazon goes to the dark side

Can you find what’s wrong with this image? A moment ago, I went to Amazon to find a book recommended to me, and this was the first thing I see on the home page.
“Whoa,” I said as I felt like I was pushed back from my computer. “That’s just wrong.”Amazon home pg 11-20-15

“What?” inquired my hubby. His reaction was the same when he saw the Nazi crap adorning Lady Liberty and brazenly splashed across my screen.
“Do you notice anything else odd?” I asked. What he didn’t notice was the image displayed on the Black Friday television screen. “That’s my computer screen’s background photo. Aw, that’s just not right.”
Other than feeling violated by Amazon invading my computer, their original series better be absolutely incredible to deserve shamelessly pushing the limits of freedom of speech.
What do you think? If you watch it, tell me what you think.