Gettin’ chatty with Anderson Cooper

4-4-16 Twitter conversation w-Andersen Cooper re his book

If timing is everything, I’m glad I saw a recent Twitter post from CNN’s Anderson Cooper when, remarkably, I beat the odds, 7,000,000-to-1. Continue reading

Tribute Song to CNN’s New Year’s Eve Show

CNN New Year's Eve Live 2014-2015

So, I’ve never done this before, but I wrote a song. Maybe it was a mistake to sing the lyrics when most of my singing is restricted to the privacy of my car where I normally belt out tunes, but it was fun to try.

I wrote most of this song back in January, but it’s taken until now to finally edit everything together for the video. Made it just under the wire before 2016 turns the calendar.

I hope you all enjoy the video and share it with your pals. Watching Anderson and Kathy on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show has become a favorite tradition in our family. The duo is spontaneous and hilarious, and I adore Anderson’s giggle. So cute! Continue reading

Do Not Attempt!

IMG_2034xIs it really necessary for a car company to post the “Do not attempt” warning on its TV commercial that shows a few rock climbers slam an abundance of over-sized blocks of plastique on the face of a cliff before an explosion neatly shapes cars in stone? Other than an expectation of Johnny Knoxville accepting that challenge based on its superfluous advisement, are there people stupid enough to attempt this?

Can’t you just hear the advertising guys standing in front of a bunch of Honda suits displaying their sketched version of Mt. Rushmore and pitching this idea that further deteriorates the remaining respect for Presidents’ Day?

All images courtesy of Honda and CNN