A mountain of small steps benefit humanity


StayUNITED Founders Ismini and Mark Svensson

“It is our belief that every kindness, every moment of empathy and compassion, every act of true sharing, elevates humanity’s potential and all of our actions are aimed to influence the progress of our world. “


On a brighter note…Hope is a wonderful elixir. No matter how malicious some people can be or how cruel they can treat one another—regardless of that behavior occurring in your own neighborhood or in another country—it is profoundly refreshing to learn about people whose life mission is to improve the world, strengthen community and lay the foundation for a more cooperative, thoughtful, creative, generous future.

I am speaking of StayUNITED: an organization created by two people who discovered they shared the common goal—the hope—of finding ways to improve the world. They didn’t act to prove their devotion to one faith over another; rather, for they created their own journey to do what they can to help others while inspiring more people to do the same. Continue reading