“Magnolia” Painting is Winner

My painting, “310,650 Dots: Magnolia Galaxy” was a winner in the juried 8th Annual All Women Artist Art Exhibition & Competition featured online throughout March 2022! CLICK HERE to see all the artwork in the online exhibition.

As well, two additional paintings, “Octopus” and “Horse Head,” were accepted into the show.

So far, this is the largest painting in my Galaxy Paintings series, and it took three months to complete. CLICK HERE to watch a timelapse of its creation.

Art begging for attention

Showin-on-the-River-postcard-2016When I’m not writing, my creative side can be a demanding bitch.

During those times, you’ll find me painting, drawing, designing graphics or engrossed in some other project which generally requires a visit to a craft or hardware store and elicits a “There she goes again” sigh from my hubby and kids. Yup, I’d rather pick through lumber than hunt for new girl clothes.

Oh, and speaking of bitches…this Saturday, July 9, in Petaluma, some of my dog paintings will be on display at the Riverfront Art Gallery.  Continue reading