Our nation’s malleable vociferation

psotu-us2I’ve never been all that big on writing poetry—until five months ago, that is, when a catalyst jolted my life.

Other than being a fan of Shakespeare, I can’t say I “got” poetry. Rather, I didn’t appreciate its value in the art of writing and expression. Regardless, since my dad died last August, poems have been flowing forth from my unsettled mind and heart; routinely, after my family has turned in for the night.

In the spirit of my dad and what he and my mom taught me about the importance of speaking up for change in society, currently, everyone has an opportunity to express their thoughts about our nation. 

psotu-us1President Obama recently had his opportunity to reflect on the state of our union, but everyone deserves a voice in the smallest of circles to the community beyond. To that end, the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture is giving people an opportunity to participate in the 2016 People’s State of the Union.

As you step up to this national podium, how would you describe your state of our union? Want to know what #psotu2016 is all about? Watch a video from the @usartsdept’s 2015 national poetic address:

I feel fortunate to have found my poetic voice. Here’s an opportunity to discover or expand yours.